Suzi Homemaker

Because coming home shouldn't be the hardest part of your day!
Pet Care
Pet sitting, dog walking, feeding and transportation to boarding are offered on a per trip basis.  We love pets!!
Suzi Homemaker professional housekeeping services includes general cleaning on a weekly, monthly or biweekly basis. Also offering deep cleaning services such as ovens, refrigerators, baseboards, blinds and ceiling fans. 
Food Prep
Vacation Rentals
We not only love pets, we love food! How about coming home to a clean home and a meal ready to heat and eat?! Yum! 
Before your arrival let Suzi Homemaker refresh your linens, open up to freshen your space and even stock the fridge. 
You're to-do list keeps piling up, time gets away from you, let Suzi Homemaker help with pickups, drop offs and scratch it off the list!
Why we're here

We know what it means to work a full time job, take care of children, pets, family and more. We also know that a clear space helps to keep a clear mind. A little extra help, peace of mind and a happy home is what we strive to provide.