Suzi Homemaker

Because coming home shouldn't be the hardest part of your day!
  1. General Cleaning
    Typically involves recurring cleanings either weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on individual household needs. Cleaning would include vacuuming and dusting all rooms, kitchens we do counters, sink, microwave, floors and polish any stainless. Bathrooms all surfaces, toilets, showers and tubs. All floors are also mopped on our way out the door.
  2. Deep Cleaning
    Think of those items or areas that aren't normally attended to in general cleanings by us or you. Ovens, refrigerators, baseboards, blinds and ceiling fans to name a few.
  3. Organization
    You pick the space...a pantry, closet, Tupperware cabinet?! You know they're always a mess! We will clear it out, put it back organized and help give ideas of how to make it stay that way.
  4. Rentals/VRBO
    Cleaning before and after tenants is a start. We also can clean linens, remake the rooms, offer grocery service for owners or renters to walk into a clean, fully stocked getaway
  5. Pet care
    Dog walking, pet sitting, transporting to groomer, vet, boarding, etc. I really love the pets (well minus the shedding in some cases) 😉
  6. Errands